Fall 2016 Newsletter

Find out what makes Hope Children's Fund unique, why donate and more about the home and children. Your donation not only changes lives, but saves them!

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News from Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home

A six-year-old resident of the home, Michelle Kirimi, was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle as she walked home from Gikumene Primary School. The Board of Directors of Hope Children’s Fund and administrators of the home have been actively seeking to have local government install rumble strips on the road in order to prevent exactly such a tragedy.

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Become A Mentor

Our mentor program is a unique experience. For $365 a year; you have the opportunity to provide for the basic needs of one child at the Hope Children's Home. Already a mentor? Share your stories!

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HCF Documentary

This 13 minute film provides a wonderful window into the lives of our children, their schools and dreams for the future, as well as the the physical home with its kitchen, eating hall, dormitories, and library, and the farm where maize, bananas, plantains are grown.

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HCF Presentation

Enjoy this quick look at the HCF home and school for orphans in Kenya. These children have so many more opportunities thanks to the support of our mentors and sponsors!

Edith Kanana

Edith came to Hope Children’s Fund’s Jerusha Mwiraria Children’s Home in 2011, worked her way through Gikumene Primary School and is now attending high school at the Kaaga Girls Secondary School. Her goal is to become a lawyer.

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Big news from HCF!

Betty Gakki, who came to the Home when she was 15 , has graduated from Chuka University, gotten married, and begun teaching at a secondary school in Meru.