Brenda Mwendwa

Brenda MwendaPlease enjoy a picture of Brenda Mwendwa. Those of you who have met her know her “sassy” personality. Born in 2004 she came to the home in November of 2008. She arrived malnourished and was very, very sickly. She struggled mightily at school in her early years. Recently she has been doing quite well in school. Hard to believe she will soon be taking the KCPE in October. The KCPE is the national secondary (high school) entrance examination. Her personality exceeds her size and age. Our collective efforts have given Brenda a good chance to eventually be a productive adult.

We hope that you and your family are healthy and happy. We will be posting updates to show you all the good your donations have accomplished. The home is sheltering in place due to the pandemic. Each child has been issued a mask and frequent hand washing is required. To date, there are zero cases of Covid-19 in Meru. There is some hope that schools may reopen in some fashion in June.

Let’s not forget why we are involved!