16th Annual Bi-Continental Virtual 5K Run/Walk

ANY TIME up to November 1, 2020
ANYWHERE you choose for the 5K distance

Raising money for our children during the pandemic has been quite a challenge. But not all has been lost. This year for safety purposes we will have a virtual run/walk. For those unfamiliar with virtual runs, participants can run or walk on their own a 5K (3.1 miles) anywhere at anytime. We ask that you try completing this “event” by November 1 or shortly thereafter. Free free to invite friends and family to join you but please be mindful of all COVID safety guidelines.

Like all of our previous annual run/walks, we are asking for a suggested donation of $25. Additionally, as with our actual annual event, you can request others to pledge support for your participation. Anyone who secures $100 in pledges can run/walk for free. On the other side of the globe Kenyans will also again be participating but mostly for promotional and moral support.

To continue our effort to meet the needs of our children we ask that you take advantage of the favorable fall weather by getting out to exercise, participate and enjoy. We certainly can use your support and our children are truly grateful.

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