Hope Children’s Fund has been in existence for almost two decades. Without a single paid employee, we have grown from a few to a population of over ninety children in our care.

During this time we have remained committed and unswerving from our goal of providing every one of our children with all of the tools they require to become successful citizens, not only of Kenya, but of the world.

We have reached the point where we have become the victims of our own success. Part of our mission is to provide each child with the education they are capable of achieving. As some may know, public (tax funded) education ends at grade eight. High school and higher education is strictly fee-for-service.

As our students age, the cost of their education increases dramatically and is fast approaching critical mass. Our response to this ever growing need is our GALA. If it is at all possible, please join us and invite a friend, a neighbor or a business colleague. Please, help us help the helpless.

Visit our Upcoming Events page and contact kevinmannmail@gmail.com for further information